Social Sharing API

The Social Sharing API contains the following objects and interfaces for configuring and displaying a set of social sharing options on the player's UI. This API is available from version 2.14.5 onward and only if you have a player with this feature enabled.


 The social object provides the following properties and methods:

Property Type Description
hide void When the hide method is called, the social sharing panel will be hidden.
items SocialSharingItem[] The items property can be used to get or set an array of SocialSharingItems that contain information on social sharing options such as a clickthrough link, text and icon url.
show void When the show method is called, the social sharing panel will be displayed.
showing boolean The showing property indicates whether the social sharing panel is showing or not.
url string The url property can be set to a default url that will be used when sharing.



The SocialSharingItem interface contains information about one specific social sharing option.


An object implementing the SocialSharingItem interface should provide the following properties:

Property Type Optional Description
icon string yes The icon property can be used to specify an icon that should be displayed as a clickable sharing option. It's not possible to combine this property with the text property.
label string  yes The label property can be used to set the title of the sharing option.
src string  yes The src property can be used to specify the url that should be linked to. If not provided the player will fall back to the default url in social.url or the location.href of the current page.
The provided url can also contain the '<URL>' token which will automatically be replaced with social.url. It's not possible to combine this property with the src property.
text string yes The text property can be used to render any text on the player's social sharing UI, e.g. to add embed codes. It's not possible to combine this property with the src or icon properties.