MediaMelon Pre-Integration API

THEOplayer pre-integrates with MediaMelon's SmartStreaming SDK. Setting the integration attribute on your ABRConfiguration allows you to quickly set up an integration.

This functionality is available from version 2.22 onwards.


Code samples of how to integrate MediaMelon with THEOplayer can be found here.



Setting an ABRConfiguration's integration property to 'mediamelon' makes it a MediaMelonQBRConfiguration. This interface has the following properties:

Method Type Optional Version Description
integration string no ≥ 2.22 The value should be 'mediamelon'.
assetID string no ≥ 2.22 Content asset identifier as defined by MediaMelon.
customerID string no ≥ 2.22 Your MediaMelon-assigned customer ID
domainName string yes ≥ 2.22 Content-owner domain name. Some organizations may want to do analytics segmented by group. For example, a Media House may have many divisions and will like to categorize their analysis based on division. Or a content owner has distributed content to various resellers and would like to know the reseller from whom the user is playing the content. In this case every reseller will have a separate application, and will configure the domain name.
metaURL string yes ≥ 2.22 Specifies URL of the media metadata. If it is null, and the provided QBR operating mode is QBRBitsave or QBRQuality, a metadata file with manifestUrl base name will be used. If the metadata file cannot be retrieved, mode will default to Disabled.
mode MMQBRMode no ≥ 2.22 QBR operating mode. Must be one of the following: "QBRDisabled', 'QBRBitsave', 'QBRQuality'
playerName string no ≥ 2.22 Name of the player. Can be the name of your player solution which uses THEOplayer.
subscriberID string yes ≥ 2.22 Viewer subscriber ID.



Method Description
Used to disable QBR.
In this mode, the emphasis is on maximizing quality.
In this mode, the emphasis is on saving bandwidth without degrading quality.