Controllers - Rendition Controller

The rendition controller can be requested from the global theoplayer variable using the controller property using the renditionController name.

This object supports the following properties:

renditions Gets a list of the available video renditions as rendition objects.
activeRendition Gets or sets the current playback rendition. Setting the playback rendition locks the rendition to the given value. Setting the value to null will reactivate automatic quality selection. After setting the value, the player might continue playback in the current rendition until the playback buffer is depleted.

This object supports the following events:

qualitychanged Fires when the playback quality changes. The event contains the rendition-attribute to which is being switched.

A rendition object supports the following properties:

bandwidth Gets bandwidth in bits/second.
codecs Gets the codecs, categorized in "audio", "video" and "unknown".
id Gets a rendition identifier.
name Gets or sets the name (as shown in the manual rendition selection UI).
resolution Gets the resolution, split up in "width" and "height".
uri Gets the absolute manifest URI.