Controllers - Playlist Controller

The Playlist controller can be requested from the global theoplayer variable using the controller property using the PlaylistController name.

Controller methods

previous() Switches to the previous playlist item.
next() Switches to the next playlist item.

Controller properties

items Returns a list of PlaylistItem.
currentItem Returns the current PlaylistItem.
currentIndex Returns the index of the current PlaylistItem. Setting this value changes the current playlist item.

Controller events

change Triggered when the current playlist item changes.


PlaylistItem properties
title Returns the title of the playlist item.
description Returns the description of the playlist item.
poster Returns the poster for the playlist item.
src Returns the source of the playlist item.
startFrame Returns the startFrame of the playlist item.
endFrame Returns the endFrame of the playlist item.
startTime Returns the startTime of the playlist item.
endTime Returns the endTime of the playlist item.