Adaptive Bitrate API

Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) API

The Abr object allows to control the adaptive bitrate behavior of the player. This API is available from version 2.30.0 onward.

The Abr object provides the following properties:

Property Type Description
strategy ABRStrategyConfiguration Optionally specifies one of the available pre-set strategies that the player will use. The following strategies are available
  • 'performance' : The player will optimize ABR behavior to focus on the performance of the player. This strategy initiates playback with the lowest quality suitable for the device which means faster start-up time.
  • 'quality' : The player will optimize ABR behavior to focus on displaying the best visual quality to the end-user. This strategy initiates playback with the highest bit rate suitable for the device.
  • 'bandwidth' : This is the default strategy. The player will optimize ABR behavior to focus on  displaying the most optimal quality based on historic bandwidth data and knowledge of the network conditions. When no historic data is available, the player will use the performance strategy.
targetBuffer number Allows for configuring the amount of seconds to buffer ahead of the current playback position. The player might sometimes buffer less than the configured amount because of device or performance constraints.



An object specifying strategy and metadata that the player will use for initial playback.

Property Type Optional Description
type string yes Type of strategy.
metadata Bitrate yes Specifies metadata required to start playback



An object specifying a bitrate that can be used to select the optimal quality.

Property Type Optional Description
bitrate number yes A bitrate measuring in bits per second, used for initial playback